Dec 142012


Thank You

First of all I would like to say thank you to Allah & Our clients for supporting Harman Photography. Engaging Us as your Photographer. It really meant a lot to me and my family. Thank you.

About Me.

I am a 41 Years Old Freelance Photographer. A Self taught Photographer. About 6 Years Experience in Actual Wedding Photography since 2009.

You just put your Trust in Allah appoint me as your photographer Insyallah I will do my best. May everything will be smooth & blessed. Thank you for your Support in Advance.

All the photos that you have seen at My Flash Website, On My Photo Blog, Flickr & Website are all taken by me. I do not engage 3rd Party Photographer to deal with your Wedding Photo Shoot while I sits at home or doing other things. Photography is my Passion and I love doing it.

For your info; I do not do Hard Sells & All Inquiry / Viewing with no Obligations. There are no Hidden Charges. No pressure. I understand that Newly Wed Couple are in experience and I respect that. Do let me know if you have any inquiries. I do not charge for inquiries and whatever experience I have I can share it with you.

You can read my Testimonial here from my previous Clients.

How Do We make an Appointment?

You can call me or whatsapp me at 8533 4953. We meet up at my place Bedok Reservoir. I show you my hard copy sample. By the way all my digital sample you can find it over at my website.

You can also confirm through phone and bank transfer though Bank Transfer.

If you have a Facebook account is better we can interact and keep in touch through facebook after confirmation.

How is Your Style of Photography?

1.   Photography During Make Up. For Brides. I will start at the Brides Side.

2.   Candid Photography of Guest, Bride and Groom.

3.   Group Photos of Family and Friends.

4.   Few Posses of Wedding Couples.

5.   Outdoor Photography.

6.   All Photo’s will be Post Processed on Basic Coloring. All Photos will be return to Customer.

7.   Some of Your Photo’s can be view Online and Download after 3 Days. (free Service)

Payment Method?

Confirmation of SGD$50 Dollars is needed when Agreed.

Full Payment shall be make after the wedding ceremony before photo editing process.

Things should take note?

  • I am not be held responsible of any Act of God example Accident, Deaths Upon Me or My family Members or Naural Disaster that I could not attend Your Wedding. 
  • If any Mishaps happens I will give loan of my camera equipment to my customer at a free of charge and return any deposits back to my customer.
  • I am a Freelance Photographer and I work alone.
  • Any Missing family member in the photo. I will not be responsible. 

Guideline for Muslim Marriage?

Marriage is a Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) so as to have blessing from Allah to avoid adultery and to have well offsprings.

Make it simple and and Affordable Receptions. Importance is the Nikah.

For the Muslimah wear a Hijab.

It is a simple ceremony with big rewards from Allah. Don’t over do it and stressed yourselves.

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